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This custom, hand made easel is being used by
wood burners, colored pencil artists, relief carvers, wood carvers,
chip carvers, disabled artists, jewelry makers,
china painters, gourd designers,
 hobbyists, and crafters! 
In fact, you'll find many more uses
for this unique table easel! 
This table top easel offers a new concept in easel design for artists, hobbyists, and crafters.  The table easel has a unique ball bearing top that allows it to move in a
circular direction, it turns your work for you!!
Are you a Color Pencil Artist or Zentangle Artist?
I got a letter from Carola Angrick Nix who is a colored pencil artist. She used clipboards to hold onto her paper as she colored.  The large clipboard was slippery on top of my easel. 
I suggested that she try the rubber liner that I used on top of my
easel and have her glue it on the back of her clip board.
This was her reply:

"Hi Danette, . I used an all purpose glue to attach it to the back. The liner is not the thin kind but a thicker brand I bought a Walmart. It works great even with the large drawing board and I have ordered a birch wood panel 24x30 inches for a new drawing board to used with your easel."
What can it do for you? 
*If you are a colored pencil artist* you will need
to place a thin piece of wood under your paper.  This allows for you to work on larger pieces and the wood sticks to the rubber mat
that holds your work in place. 
 Do you use a clip board to hold your paper while you draw and color? 
You can buy the rubber liner that I used on top of my easel at Walmart or Lowes and glue it on the back of your clip board and place it on top of the easel and it sticks to the rubber mat on the easel.

I just heard from a pencil artist that did a piece that was 30" high hanging over the edge of the table without any problems. She attached her paper to the wood using a clip board.

  • First, it is lightweight and portable with a built-in carry handle that makes it easy for you to take to classes.
  • Second, It rotates your work 360° so it turns your piece for you it can turn your piece for you because it's top rotates on ball bearings.  This saves you time from having to constantly pick up your piece to turn it to the area you want to work on. Easy to operate and maneuver.


  • Third, it's adjustable and enables you to elevate your work to 3 different heights. (This is important for wood burners because the elevation allows the heat from the pen to rise up, which keeps most of the heat away from your fingers).
  • In addition to the 3 levels, it can lay flat for those that chip carve or carve in the round, while all the time it can move your piece in a complete circle for you as you carve.


  • Lastly, it's wonderful for those that have disablilites and limited mobility. The different elevations bring your work closer to you, instead of you having to lean forward.   Plus, it can help your neck, back, hand and wrist avoid stress and strain.


Here is some more information:  The table top easel is made from top grade select pine, depending on what is on hand.  The natural wood  allows you to safely burn a design on it so you can personalize your easel.  (You should never burn on wood that has been stained or has any type of a sealed finish on it).
You might be thinking that this easel looks small...but it can handle big items....
I have worked with several large items...this basswood owl is 13” x 19” and is a very heavy piece.  I’ve worked on a 22” x 22” piece also, but that’s the largest I’ve worked on.  The round lazy susan top is 9” in diameter.   
I offer 2 finishes: 
1.  Natural (so you can burn on it, paint it, and then stain or seal it yourself)
2.  Early American stain and finish.
All the natural easels are pre-sanded and waiting for you to fine sand and finish.
1. Natural- without wedge - $74.00
2. Early American- without wedge - $110.00
1. Natural with wedge - $81.00
2. Early American with wedge - $120.00
Here are pictures of the different finishes:
 Early American.
My unique, custom, handmade, easel adjusts to three different heights... 
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This makes a great Gift!

Should you wish to pay by credit card, I have PayPal.  You do not need to be a member to pay this way.  Everything is very secure. 
Simply pick the type of finish you want by clicking on the arrow inside the box below...then click on the "Buy Now" button and you will be taken to Pay Pal's secure site for payment.  The billing name you will see at the top is "Dangee's Pyrography"....this will be the billing name shown on your credit card statement.
         NEW!   Easels with wedges...
I have been receiving requests for easels with stop wedges. The added wedge will stop the top from spinning freely.  To satisfy my customers, I have decided to offer easels with wedges for a small additional cost.  Shipping and handling will remain the same.
What makes this easel so special?
The round top has ball bearings which allows you to turn your piece to just where you want it.  Also, you save time by not having to pick up your piece to turn it.  The top is covered with a rubber fabric that holds onto your wood so there is no slipage.
(The rubber fabric comes in two colors: tan and black,
and I will use what is available at the time.)
It is light weight, folds flat and has a carrying handle built in. Non-skid rubber feet support the reinforced wood base.
This easel will sit steady on top of a table. I have two friends that are in a motorized wheel chair...it's wonderful for those with disabilities and limited moblility, as you won't need to bend forward so much because you can elevate it to a comfortable height.
If you are use to working with your wood on your lap, the easel can be placed on your lap and you will love how easy it is to turn your wood while you are burning, chip carving, or carving in the round.

Customer Testimonials:

January 6, 2015
Dear Danette:  

I received your table top easel today and was delighted to discover  how light weight it is. I’ve been schlepping around awkward drawing boards for years.  I love your easel and plan to use it for colored pencil drawing.  The lovely thing about your easel is that I can see myself taking it wherever I go, whether from room to room or when I’m traveling.  I can even use it in the car during driving trips! Thank you so much!  

I saw your advertisement in
Ann Kullberg’s most recent Colored Pencil Magazine online.  

PS: I’ve been sitting in my living room with my easel in my lap drawing for about 2 hours and have none of my usual aches and pains from sitting in one position for so long.  This purchase was a winner!

Barbara Minor
Feb. 21, 2014 - I love these easels and so do my pyrography students. I've even used mine to work on a piece that was 28" high (hanging off the table edge) so that I didn't have to lean over the table to burn the image.  Michele P.
"I have purchased a table top easel a few days ago (April 2013) and have had the chance to use it, for a couple small projects. BOY, am I glad I got it.
The ease that it turns, the ability to "lift" the work to a more convenient position; for both seeing your work and hand positioning. Is well... a real pleasure to use. Not having to "hover" over the work piece keeps your hand cooler and your not breathing in smoke or having your breath "cool" your nibs is nothing short of pure joy!
Thank You Danette for "thinking up" this valuable asset to any Pyrographer's arsenal of must have tools! You have thought of everything that makes this such a great piece; the table top "buttons", that keep it from sliding around on any table or smooth surface , to the soft holding surface on the work face of the easel and the four levels or work heights, flat or one of three elevated positions. It all comes together in a wonderful tool to make any job a pleasure!
Danette is a customer oriented Business person too. I had a small problem when I received the easel. When I contacted her about it, she immediately gave me instructions to return the easel and resent me a NEW easel, all with in just a few days shipping and handling time! In today's e-business world it is refreshing to get such prompt service. I am a very happy "burner"!!!!
Thank You again Danette, it was a real pleasure doing business with you!"
A Michigan wood burner!
"I have been having a lot of pain in my neck and shoulder.....
The above is the reason I was looking for your table top easel.  I take art decoration classes with my husband and a friend, who looked online for me, and found your website.  I was so surprised when the easel was delivered so quickly.  The first time I checked your website it said that the easel would not be delivered until after 3/20 due to family illness, so I was very surprised I received it so quickly.  I used it and it helps greatly. 
I have a plate in my neck and I can't stay in one position too long.  I would have had to give up art deco lessons had I not found your site.
I told my instructor about your website.  Right now I also have bursitis so I'm not doing anything, but I will get back to it."
Thank you. Barbara-Ann

I was thrilled to find the Table Top Easel while surfing the internet. I put it to use while sitting in my recliner. That's right, I said recliner. I have circulation issues and need to have my feet elevated.
I love having full control of the angle and ability to turn my project without lifting my work up. The functionality of the Table Top Easel allows me to work comfortably on my project.
Thank you!!!!! Theresa, Tellico Plains, TN

I purchased one of Dangee’s easels and just got it today. I had to do some burning on it to give it a test drive. Holy cow, how have I been burning without this for so long? This thing is AWSOME!
How nice is it to have it at the right angle without having to hold it that way, and to be able to spin it around as you work… I can’t believe what a difference it made, I love the thing.
Even when I put it down on the table and found that it had the little pads on the bottom I thought to myself, she thought of every little detail. I am just trying to find things to burn on just as an excuse to use it some more, lol.  Mel

I just received my easel at 10:00am this morning . I was using it at 11:15am on one of my burnings at one of my carving clubs.
It works just like I thought it would. I felt no heat from my burner. I could position it at the right angle and spin it with out picking up my burning project.

Your product will be a constant companion any time there is any burning that needs to be done.

I found you through the advertisement in the second "Pyrography" magazine from Fox Chapel.

Thank you for all of your help and personal attention.
Yours in Christ,  M. Bruce H.

"We had Dannie to our club in June for a three day seminar and everyone that took the class purchased the table top easel.  A matter of fact even a couple of the carvers bought one that weren't even in the class. They seen us using them and liked them also for carving.
Most of you know that I am disabled and in a mobility, motorized wheel chair and one of my other friends at the club that took the seminar is also, and it was very helpful to both of us. Tina."

"Does everyone know DANGEE (Danette Smith) is making and selling the BEST wood holder gizmo for burning on?

I just ordered one from her and LOVE IT!!!

I've been burning for about 5 years now, and to get the angle needed to not burn my fingers, I've been stacking extra wood and or different sized flat boxes against the edge of a table!!

Her little creation sits on a flat table, but has different settings/angles depending on your taste and makes burning FUN! It's easy to transport. I think everyone should give it a try. Especially if you're a burner who spends hours at it like me. JO "Little Chipper"
More Unsolicited Testimonials...


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