Danette Smith is a Florida artist

that creates realistic wood burnings

on wood, and watercolor paper

both in monochrome and color.




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What is Pyrography?

Pyrography is the technique of using heat/fire to create art.  “Pyro” means fire and “graph” means art in Greek.  It is the art of drawing with fire. This form of art was originally called poker art. It is also known as wood burning. 

Pyrography is very versatile because it can create designs on wood, leather, paper, gourds, and other mediums, using heated tools that burn away some of the top surface.  Every stroke is drawn entirely by hand making each piece of art original and unique.

I can work from YOUR PHOTO to produce you a lasting treasure.  All are signed and dated by me.  I do both monochrome and colored works.

I specialize in human portraits, pet portraits, and wildlife, but you will see I am not limited to these alone.


Commissions Welcomed!    

Please view all of my galleries for more examples of my works. 

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